Lenticular Printing by Hive. Established in 1999, with over 25 years' combined experience in lenticular and 3D print, Hive is the UK's leading lenticular print supplier.

Would you like samples of our work in lenticular
and 3D print?

Do you have an enquiry about our custom print services?

Or would you like to set up a meeting with us?

Then please get in touch with Ian Hodaszy or Marc Edmunds 

t: +44(0)207 291 0333
e: lenticular@hiveassociates.co.uk

Hive Spain:

Juan Plata – 00 34 6755 49313

Federico De Linos – 00 34 6606 30979



Hive Associates, 11 Emerald Street, London, WC1N 3QL

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