Lenticular Printing by Hive. Established in 1999, with over 25 years' combined experience in lenticular and 3D print, Hive is the UK's leading lenticular print supplier.

End-to-end service

We offer a complete, end-to-end service for lenticular and 3D print projects, from creative development through to final delivery.

Creative development

Our in-house creative team is here to translate your idea into a dynamic lenticular or 3D print execution. As specialists with an understanding of brands and concepts, our designers have the ability to translate your idea and think creatively in three dimensions.


How will your lenticular or 3D project appear to the consumer? We take your artwork files and produce a simulated movie and then an actual 3D proof. Only when you are happy and the proof is signed off, will we begin print production.


At Hive we’ve invested heavily in specialist lenticular print technology that makes sure the work on the printing press matches the signed-off proof. This same technology also maintains the highest standards of quality and consistency across the print run, whether it’s 10,000 or 1 million units.


Hive offer a complete finishing service - affixing lenticulars to the front of a magazine or directly onto packaging items.

And there’s more

Hive is a London-based operation. However, thanks to our partnership with Travel Tags Inc., we have access to facilities that deliver pan-European and global projects.