Prodigy 3D
Prodigy Boxset

The Prodigy

Cooking Vinyl have used Hive's lenticular process for the release of the long awaited new Prodigy album 'The Day is My Enemy'. The Limited Edition Deluxe 3LP boxset out 30th March includes an exclusive 12" 3D print of the album cover. Chris farrow from Cooking Vinyl said 'We were over the moon with the end result, the album cover takes on another dimension completely using the Hive lenticular process and is a high quality item that fans will both love and treasure'.

Adidas Windows

Adidas have recently run multi-panel lenticular window displays in conjunction with Hive. Hive worked closely with creative agency Studio Juice to maximise the effect possible from the new DIF Lenticular process. The image consisted of 4 synchronised panels that Flipped from the old retro shoe to the new model being released, the images also included a complete colour change in the background for added impact.

ADIDAS Lenticular Windows

Lenticular front cover

Black Sabbath 13 Lenticualr front cover

Black Sabbath chose the Hive motion lenticular technology for the front cover of their new best selling Album '13'. Run across the world as a special edition this stunning artworks depicts a burning 13 in smooth fluid motion. The cover has been so successful that it has already been re-printed on 2 occasions. Contact Hive if you would like to understand more about this technology and request samples.

Lenticular 6 Sheet

A very interesting new awareness campaign is hitting the streets, in the hope of stopping child abuse, as well as help their victims find support. The ANAR Foundation have begun using lenticular printing, which has allowed them to create outdoor ads that appear differently to adults and children.

Child Abuse 6 Sheet

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

What is William Shakespeare was secretly a Ghostbuster?  What if Queen Victoria was a time traveling detective?  What if Abraham Lincoln was really a vampire slayer in his spare time?  That last one is actually a movie, an upcoming 3D action adventure from 20th Century Fox titled Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and based on the Seth Grahame-Smith novel of the same name.

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Animated Lenticular 3D Magazine Cover

Draft Magazine

Issue four of Draft magazine has been out a while now, but is worth seeing for it’s cover featuring a lenticular by Julian Opie. I’ve always liked Opie’s work, both his personal and commercial (Blur covers) artworks have a simplicity and strength that others working with the same kind of line-art lack. The Draft cover is typical of how he can adapt his seemingly simple style to work using different technologies.

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