3D Growth Remarkable!!!

Global consumer spending on 3D entertainment is thriving with discernible growth across all its major platforms, according to a new report from IHS Screen Digest. http://www.cueentertainment.com/3d-growth-remarkable-to-behold-report-says/

Empire MAgazine Hobbit 3D

3D Boosts Hobbit to No.1

Warner Bros.’ “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey 3D” opened in the UK with £11.3 million ($18.3 million) as the Peter Jackson film grossed $138.2 million at the international box office with 60% from 3D venues. http://www.cueentertainment.com/3d-boosts-hobbit-to-no-1-in-uk/





3D Lenticular: the evolution of the gif

Brooklyn-based trio The Saline Project are best known for creating music videos for the likes of Eminem, 50cent, and The Cure. Now a new art project sees them looking to evolve the gif format to something they're calling 3D lenticular


James Cameron Discusses 3D Movies

James Cameron Discusses 3D Movies, Sea Exploration at Beijing Film Festival

Hollywood film director James Cameron is visiting China for the Second Annual Beijing International Film Festival. He sat down with VOA’s Stephanie Ho to talk about creating films for international audiences, the value of shooting movies in 3D and his deep sea diving adventures.


Martin Scorsese says all his future movies will be 3-D

Martin Scorsese says all his future movies will be 3-D

Martin Scorsese has become so enamored with 3-D filmmaking that he expects to use the technology in all his future projects.

"There is something that 3-D gives to the picture that takes you into another land and you stay there and it's a good place to be," he said.

Read more: http://www.ctv.ca/CTVNews/Entertainment/20120426/scorcese-says-all-future-movies-will-be-in-3d-120426/#ixzz1tW2mvZj4

Glasses Free 3D Explained

In an audio interview with 3D Focus, Bas Ploeger, Managing Partner of autostereoscopic panel specialists Dimenco, discusses glasses free 3D technology